Sunday, November 24, 2013

Leading Inside out- interviews Nadine Bitar , founder of PLACEmaking

Leading Inside Out

Changing Pink are launching  "Leading Inside Out"  showcasing  inspiring women leaders within our local community, with themes centered around self-leadership and leading others. 

below is my interview with them .

Nadine Bitar

Founder, PLACE making

Nadine Bitar is the founder of PLACE making, an urban and landscape design consultancy with a focus on designing outdoor spaces, neighborhoods and districts that are healthy, prosperous, thriving, vibrant and animated and have their own unique sense of place. Prior to her founding role at PLACEmaking, Nadine was an Urban Planning Advisor at Abu Dhabi Municipality, Director of Planning for the Middle East at Mouchel plc., and Head of Planning & Zoning at Tatweer Real Estate.  Nadine is also a writer and a blogger. Her writing pursuits include poetic expressions of her experiences and passions.

Nadine is married and has two children, Taline and Fadi.  She currently lives and works in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nadine has an air of positivity, determination and knowingness about her.  When I tell her this, she laughs and speaks of a life with highs and lows, moments of hope and achievement and others of doubt and vulnerability, but mostly a journey of constant search and transformation. Over the next hour and a half, we speak of all this and more: what sparked her love for nature, failures that proved to be blessings in disguise and how today she is turning urban spaces into places. 

Looking back at your childhood, what were some defining moments that shaped who you are today? 

I was born and raised in Beirut in the midst of the Lebanese civil war. I remember being around five years old and asking my mother whether all countries in the world had to endure war the way we did. 

What I mostly remember is what went through my mind when my mum explained that not all countries are battling with war. I remember thinking that other options exist and that things can change.  This mindset of looking for alternatives and knowing that things can change would carry me through difficult moments in my life, and help me not only endure, but thrive as well. 
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