Saturday, January 29, 2011

landscape urbanism?new urbanism?smart growth? no-it is social media

density versus suburbs needs to be replaced by new social media and physical space

the debate goes on - landscape urbanism versus new urbanism.The interesting article published in Green building - in The Boston Globe (circulated on twitter through @space2place) gives insight how academia and professionals are in constant debate in what theoratical framework is more adequate to assist us in conceptualising urban space for the 22nd century. Two alternative views :the city as the place of flows and and as an ecological system that needs to be self sustainable or the diverse dense city that has a sense of place and community - Ecology and its sister theory of systems thinking versus Design and its sister theory of human rational reasoning

The dicussion focused on the alternative ways to tackle sustainability in its enviromental dimension within these two structures but missed to acknowledge the gradual rise of social sustainability driven by the proliferation of social networking .

not only sustainability - social media and crowdsourcing are dominating the new realities of the world we are living in-being human is expanding into tweeting,faceboking and sharing all sorts of stuff.

Viewing the change global governance, the impact that social media is having on our daily life and public sphere, there needs to be more debates wihtin the planning and design professions delaing in built enviroment to how we can benefit from the incredible potential that social media is giving us - on how connections and flows within the virtual sphere are forming? how these trajectories if analysed will feed back into design?thinking how our theoratical framework can accomodate for these new social dimension?how we can link up with infromation technology to advance sophisticated analysis tools that may help us understand and dissect the complexity of what cities are?

the ultimate success of being NEW ,urbanist or LANDSCAPE,urbanist or X-urbanist is about being able to accomodate for future realities now in the present and social media might become the dominant social reality

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